A word from the President

We are the Mediterranean and we are Europe.

Dear friends,

Welcome to the collaborative website of the Euromed City Network.

At a time when major choices will decide our destiny, our cities are the engine that can transform our regions, driving economic development, innovation and progress.

At a time when we must face up to major challenges, our Network has chosen exchange, mutual support, a gathering of wills and energies and a steady increase in cooperation between the two shores. Solidarity is essential if we are to respond to the problems that confront us.

One of these is terrorism. Monstrous crimes inspired by the same ideology have been committed on both sides of our Mediterranean and elsewhere in the world. This is now a global challenge.

Harsh realities have been brought home to us all, and the Mediterranean migrant crisis is also a terrible injury to humankind.

To this human folly, we must add the increasingly devastating effects of climate disruption. Our sea is one of the most threatened by warming, with consequences that can already be felt.

A final challenge is that of development – a prosperous, sustainable economy for all.
There is an urgent need for action before events spiral irreversibly.

But we have immense potential: economic, cultural and geostrategic.
Together, Mediterraneans, we can build a vast area of peace and prosperity.
The Euromed Cities Network is committed to this challenge, which subsumes all the others.

The first mission we have set ourselves is to continue and intensify a coordinated strategy in favour of sustainable development.

Our expertise in this field is universally acknowledged.

I am delighted that we have just been appointed as a special partner of the European Union on an essential theme: the energy performance of public buildings around the Mediterranean. The Network, together with the consortium it leads, will put forward concrete proposals to promote the green management of public buildings in the Mediterranean territory, with its very specific climate. The lessons we learn will help us take an important step forward towards establishing a Mediterranean standard for energy performance.
Climate disruption is not inevitable. By harmonising our policies on the ground and bringing them as closely as possible into line with our fellow citizens and their immediate needs, we will be able to defeat the disruption that threatens us.

But there is a precondition for the long-term success of the Network’s projects, which would guarantee a better future for younger generations: economic recovery, growth and jobs. Working to ensure economic growth in our cities and elsewhere means working for peace. We all know this.

Underdevelopment is the worst of advisors.

We cannot end the migrant crisis without committing to long-term development programmes.

The priority for jobs must go to the young.
There are many projects involving training, and our Network wants to go further by cooperating with businesses that commit to recruiting young people for specific economic projects.
We must take local realities into account in implementing this project for youth employment throughout the Mediterranean basin.

As we Mediterraneans know, the only real wealth is humanity. The Euromed Cities Network is above all this humanity and its shared experiences.

We are responsible for the Mediterranean, the sea that has been the setting for the human spirit’s greatest achievements, as we are all responsible for the planet.

Together, we will make every effort to ensure our sea remains a living region of dynamic societies and cities standing together.