« Energy transition : cooperation between high schools Veit-Stoos in Nuremberg and Parc Impérial in Nice. November 2017.»

2017, November the 20th, Ulrich MALY, Mayor of Nuremberg, and Christian ESTROSI, Mayor of Nice, signed a cooperative agreement between the two cities on protecting climate and fighting climate change.

First practical realization of this franco – german partnership, the high  schools, Veit-Stoos in Nuremberg and Parc Impérial in Nice, established a collaboration to make their students aware of the energy transition : photovoltaïc panels will be put in the two high schools.

Observations, marks and analysis will be shared thanks to the website of the “Euromed Cities Network” with the creation of a new “Working commission”, the “High schools commission“, real forum dedicated to the students.

In few months, the results of this partnership will be revealed during a common conference.