Here we go : the CoPAM association is created !

The general assembly of the association Co-Develop World Heritage in the Mediterraneanm, of which the City of Nice is a founding member by virtue of a deliberation of January 29, 2021, was held in dematerialized version of course, Covid obliges, on April 26. 2021.

This event is the culmination of long-term work driven by the unwavering will of its founding members who are passionate about heritage. Thus was born the first institution aiming to accelerate the economic development of Mediterranean territories on a sustainable and inclusive model, by promoting world heritage!

This institution, unprecedented in that it brings together experienced local and national authorities, public and private, the civil society of the Mediterranean rim is in line with France’s Mediterranean strategy which took on a new dimension with the Summit of deux rives (S2R) on June 23 and 24, 2019 in Marseille. The ambition of President Emmanuel Macron was to relaunch the dynamic of cooperation, mainly in the western Mediterranean, through the implementation of concrete projects in favor of human, economic and sustainable development in the region.

The S2R has fully involved civil society in defining a new positive agenda for the Mediterranean. Young people, economic, social, scientific and cultural actors worked together to bring out concrete initiatives for the region. 14 projects were presented to the ministers, including that of CoPAM on the theme “Culture media, tourism”. It was on this occasion that the CoPAM project received government support.

In view of the strategic interest represented by this new institution, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs insisted on being one of the founding members. The quality of its representative, Karim AMELLAL, Interministerial Ambassador for the Mediterranean, appointed by the President of the Republic in July 2020, underlines the importance he attaches to this international cooperation.

Click on the link below to find the CoPAM founding members :

CoPAM founding members

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