New webinar organised by the Euromed Cities Network on 12 July 2021: “For a green and resilient recovery of Mediterranean cities”

Following the introductory remarks of Agnès RAMPAL, Deputy Mayor of Nice in charge of Euro-Mediterranean relations, a rich and diversified panel of experts reminded us of the spearheads of an unprecedented Mediterranean revival based on a green and resilient transition, as well as presenting exemplary initiatives of Mediterranean cities.

At a time of unprecedented renewed growth, the crisis is finally acting as a triple accelerator of the ecological, digital and inclusive transition. Thanks to the examples of Morocco, Montenegro (city of Kotor) and Lebanon (municipality of Menjez), we discussed the decisive opportunity of recovery plans. They allow us either to rebuild our economic landscapes in a more sustainable approach or to prolong a pioneering dynamic present before the pandemic.

To do this, we must think of cities as the privileged area of our daily life and give priority, for example, to the problems of housing, urbanisation and green tourism, in favour of sustainable economic development. Cooperation between the State and the cities is thus a key factor in connecting public policies to the ground and, by extension, to sustainable economic success.

As engines of growth, our cities have a crucial role to play in economic recovery and in creating a green, resilient, prosperous and inclusive future.

Under the patronage of Agnès RAMPAL, Deputy Mayor of Nice in charge of Euro-Mediterranean relations, Sébastien VIANO, Secretary General of the Euromed Cities Network, moderated the exchanges between the panels of high-level experts:

– Fathallah SIJILMASSI, former Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean and former Moroccan ambassador to the European Union, then to France. Founding President of P2A.

– Blanca MORENO-DODSON, Manager of the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and Senior Economist at the World Bank; PhD in Economics and Finances.

– Jelena STJEPČEVIĆ, Head of International Cooperation Department – City of Kotor, Montenegro, representing its Mayor Vladimir JOVIC

– Georges YOUSSEF, Mayor of the Municipality of Menjez, Lebanon.

We thank once again all the participants and speakers for this rich and enlightening exchange.

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See you soon,

Euromed Cities team