Centre of Training and Decentralisation Support (CFAD) in Tunisia

CFADPresentation of the organisation and intervention context

Enshrined in the 2014 constitution and chapter 7, “Local Government”, the decentralisation process and the reinforcement of local authority autonomy aim to create a transfer of tasks, authorities and resources. For the government and local authorities, this approach gives rise to new political, institutional, administrative, financial and technical challenges.

The need for qualified human resources is clear, and expanding staffing in both municipal councils and regional and district authorities is essential.

In this context, the Centre of Training and Decentralisation Support (CFAD) plays a central role. The success of the new constitutional and political system of decentralisation depends largely on the training and development of staff and executives within local authorities.

The Centre’s mission is at the heart of this effort. Created in 1994, it aims to train staff and executives in the governorates and municipalities together with central administration staff in subjects relating to municipal and regional action. In accordance with article 7 of government decree no. 2016-365, the Centre has reported to the Tunisian minister of local affairs since 15 March 2016.

The CFAD project also aims to create and develop a team of trainers at national and regional level to provide training services suited to the needs of local authorities.

To achieve this, it carries out a wide range of skills development, support and training actions for staff, including:

  • Identifying training needs among local authorities,
  • An annual training plan carried out in its premises in Tunis and in the regions,
  • Training for staff and executives in the governorates and municipalities together with central administration staff in subjects relating to municipal and regional action,
  • Professional development for regional and municipal executives and newly recruited staff,
  • Organising seminars and study days for municipal councillors and members of regional councils,
  • Organising study sessions for executives and candidates for professional competitive-entrance exams,
  • Organising internships,
  • Conducting scientific research, documentation and publication work,
  • Selecting and developing trainers,
  • Carrying out training and research missions entrusted to it by its supervisory authority.

Aware of the importance of its position in the new local political and institutional system and the role it is called on to play, the CFAD is resolutely committed to a reform approach.

The stated desire of the Centre’s managers is to position itself in the best way possible to meet the challenges of training and contribute to the success of the huge reform and decentralisation programme in the country.

With this in mind, the CFAD is focusing its reflection on the creation of regional CFAD offices in order to offer a training service as close as possible to local authorities.

It also aims to develop an in-work training syllabus to train new executives and staff appointed by local authorities.


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