Euro-Mediterranean Information System on Know-How in the Water Sector

The Euro-Mediterranean Information System on Know-How in the Water Sector – EMWIS – was initiated at ministerial level as part of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership in 1996. Founded on the basis of a network of National Focal Points, EMWIS works primarily with the water and environment ministries in the member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. It is a consultative and support body for the Water and Environment division of the Union for the Mediterranean’s secretariat, based in Barcelona. The overall objective of EMWIS is to improve cooperation between the Euro-Mediterranean countries by promoting the exchange of information and skills. Its Technical Unit (EMWIS-TU), based in Sophia Antipolis for over ten years, plays an essential role in knowledge management and sharing in partnership with the countries and international institutions. It also provides its support to actors in Mediterranean countries in developing and conducting cooperative projects, implementing local actions, experience sharing and technology transfer. EMWIS-TU has managed several major projects supported by the European Commission (of the order of €3 million) and has considerable skills and technical resources. EMWIS-TU manages a benchmark web portal for the Euro-Mediterranean area (, an electronic newsletter distributed to nearly 30000 recipients, a water thesaurus available in seven languages, an institutional directory, a database of cooperative projects etc. The trilingual portal (Arabic, English and French) receives over 60,000 hits a month. EMWIS-TU provides technical coordination for the Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform, an action accredited by the 41 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean and recognised as a Mediterranean solution for adaptation to climate change at recent MedCOPs (Marseille in 2015 and Tangier in 2016).


  • Is a partner of the European Environment Agency for the implementation of the Shared Environment Information System (SEIS) in the European Neighbourhood Policy countries.
  • Is a member of the research and monitoring subgroup of the Horizon 2020 Initiative to reduce pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, which covers indicators and data collection.
  • Takes part in many research and innovation projects (H2020) and joint research projects (PRIMA: Agriculture and Water in the Mediterranean), IEV-CT-Med, LIFE


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