Lebanese Cities Technical Office

Cités Unies Liban/Bureau Technique des Villes Libanaises (Cities United Lebanon/Lebanese Cities Technical Office or BTVL) leads the network of Lebanese cities that are members of the global organisation United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), whose goal is to promote the principles of local democracy, partnership and solidarity between cities, which includes supporting decentralised cooperation programmes and mobilising funding for its members’ international actions and projects. Cités Unies Liban/BTVL provides technical and institutional assistance and advice for local authority members of its network. It helps municipalities to prepare development and decentralised cooperation projects in order to contribute to their institutional reinforcement and international openness. In particular, Cités Unies Liban/BTVL supports these projects by mobilising experts, funding sources and partner cities and by raising partners’ awareness of the specific needs of Lebanese cities. Cités Unies Liban/BTVL also coordinates the Lebanese Mayors’ Committee, created in 1995 and elected by Lebanese city members of UCLG. The purpose of this Committee is to engage in dialogue with government and international bodies for concerted global thinking about the municipal institution, its role as a provider of public services and local development more generally.

Cités Unies Liban/BTVL in a few figures:

  • 88 Lebanese municipalities and federations of municipalities are UCLG members (66 municipalities and 22 federations).
  • 80% of the country’s total population is represented
  • A Lebanese Mayors’ Committee with 14 members represents the network of Lebanese city members of UCLG



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Bureau Technique des Villes Libanaises
Toufic Salem street, Sakr Bidg., 3rd floor,
Ras El Nabeh, Damascus street
Beirut BP 16-5094