Polytech Nice Sophia

polytechPolytech Nice Sophia is the public engineering graduate school of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS), member of the University Côte d’Azur (UCA) and is established on campus SophiaTech in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, the first European technology park. The school aims to transmit strong scientific and technical skills, a consistent vision of the company and facilitate the professional integration of students in a multidisciplinary and international atmosphere.

Polytech Nice Sophia belongs to the group of Polytech schools which brings together 14 university polytechnic schools and which is the first group of engineering schools in France by its number of students and graduates. Fully integrated within the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Polytech Nice Sophia’s missions include:

  • initial, part time or apprenticeship training for engineers that integrates scientific, technical, economic and social dimensions within international context;
  • a preparatory first cycle;
  • continuing education actions;
  • support for technological industrial development;
  • research training;
  • scientific and technological research, promoted within the framework of the policies and structures implemented by University Nice Sophia Antipolis;
  • dissemination of scientific and technical culture;
  • the development of relations with companies, particularly with the aim of promoting the professional integration of students,
  • participation in international cooperation, with the aim, in particular, of fostering student exchanges and the development of engineering courses.

Polytech Nice Sophia welcomes 1500 engineering students each year in 7 engineering courses and 5 Master’s courses. The school welcomes over 30% of international students from over 45 different nationalities. Six teaching departments implement the different training courses: building, electronics, computer science, biological engineering, water engineering and applied mathematics. All courses are developed in synergy with the French, European and international companies to ensure optimal professional integration for all graduates. In general, the training provided is largely based on technological innovation and entrepreneurship. All students achieve an international mobility and three internships during their training. Polytech Nice Sophia is a partner of more than 120 international training institutions and more than 950 European companies.

Polytech Nice Sophia also has the mission to develop academic research and partnership, and to train engineers with a high level of scientific and technological knowledge. To do this, the school relies on 10 labellized laboratories and three doctoral schools. Polytech Nice Sophia welcomes a hundred PhD students who are involved in topics and research projects organized around the development of information and communication technologies:

  • Ubiquitous systems and networks (communication, computing and ubiquitous software);
  • Computational health and biology;
  • Modeling, simulation and technologies for Energy, Water and Sustainable Development;
  • Intelligent buildings (sensor network, energy optimization).

Most of these projects are developed under national (ANR), European (H2020) and bilateral international cooperation programs.

The Polytech Nice Sophia teams wish to engage in an active cooperation with all the partners whose objectives are the development of engineering training as well as for research and development actions finalized in their fields of expertise.