Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities

The Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities (AVEC), a Euro-Mediterranean network of historic local authorities, was created in 1997 at the initiative of five European cities: Pécs in Hungary, Olomouc in the Czech Republic, Tours in France, Toledo in Spain and the Italian city of Cosenza.

The primary objective of the AVEC project was to establish a long-term network to exchange experience and best practice in the field of heritage management at both the local and the inter-regional levels.

For over 20 years, the members of the Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities have been working together on the following objectives:

Making heritage a driving force for sustainable development and committing to a quality approach

The cities and territories of culture and heritage have set a shared objective of making local heritage a driving force for economic, cultural and social development.

Heritage is too often considered as just a source of short-term revenue. The cities and territories of the AVEC network manage the heritage passed down to them with a constant concern to preserve both the quality of their natural and cultural environment and the interests of future generations.

Integrating innovation harmoniously into the existing fabric

The heritage of a city – or a territory – is more than just a collection of properties and assets that have accumulated there over many centuries. Heritage is also the changing story by which a population, from generation to generation, gives meaning to what separates it from any other, along with what unites it with the rest of the human community.

Heritage is also the embodiment of the cultural mixes and successive contributions that have forged the unique character of each city. It is equally the sum of human perceptions of this irreplaceable element of their shared heritage.

Contributing to the economic success and influence of the member cities and territories

The cities and territories in the AVEC network share an ambition to be living centres of culture and of encounters between cultures. In particular, they are committed to making welcoming visitors not only an economic activity but also a special opportunity for human exchange.

The network’s activities focus on several areas:

  • Urban planning and heritage
  • Risk management
  • Sustainable cities
  • Promotion of local areas

In 2012, the Alliance of Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cities was accredited by the French Foreign Affairs Ministry for the “international expertise of French local authorities” on the theme of “Sustainable development and the promotion of cultures and heritage”.

The AVEC network has also been an official UNESCO partner since 2015.


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