French Association of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (AFCCRE)

Bringing together 1,200 local authorities of all levels, AFCCRE is today a recognised point of contact for European and national institutions and a unique centre of exchange and discussion for local politicians and officials.

AFCCRE helps to make the voice of local authorities heard in European governance

As a militant association committed for over 60 years to European construction, AFCCRE argues in France on behalf of local and regional autonomy within Europe. It defends the interests of French local authorities in the context of European policies. This makes it a go-between and a partner recognised by the main institutional players, whether they are European institutions – the Parliament and the Commission in particular – or the state, including the Delegation for External Action by Local Authorities (DAECT) and the General Secretariat of European Affairs (SGAE). AFCCRE also develops close links with organisations that are particularly involved in training and informing local and regional politicians, such as the CNFPT and other national associations of local authorities, including the French Mayors’ Association (AMF).

AFCCRE is a part of the biggest network of local authorities in Europe and the world

AFCCRE constitutes the French section of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), a network bringing together over 150,000 local and regional authorities in 41 countries through 60 national association members. AFCCRE is also an active member of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the global network of cities and local authorities. Via Platforma, of which AFCCRE is a founder member, local and regional authorities make their voices heard and shape European development policies.

AFCCRE offers tailored, targeted training in the needs of local authorities within the field of European policy

A training organisation approved by the French Interior Ministry, AFCCRE offers local politicians and officials from its member authorities the benefit of courses tailored to their needs in varied, concrete fields such as the use of European Structural and Investment Funds, European legislation on local public services, the creation and management of twinning arrangements and the operation of European mobility programmes for young people.

AFCCRE offers reliable everyday information and expertise on European policies

The AFCCRE general secretariat is available to its members to provide any information they need about general European news or specialist subjects through its legislation watch programme, news updates and thematic publications. It can also provide personalised advice on conducting projects or constructing applications.

AFCCRE enables members to take part in debates and exchange experience and best practice about all local initiatives with a European and international dimension

A pluralist organisation, AFCCRE is a forum for debate, encounters and exchange that enables authorities of all levels and sizes to share their experiences and expertise, organising working meetings, conferences and seminars throughout the country. AFCCRE’s activities are structured around seven working committees:

  • Territorial Cohesion Committee
  • Employment and Social Inclusion Committee
  • Europe and Local Public Services Committee
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Committee
  • Exchanges and Partnerships Committee
  • Europe, Cooperation and Development Committee
  • Gender Equality in Local Life Committee

AFCCRE has been committed to twinning schemes since its foundation, including supervising the “Europe for citizens” programme, which supports exchanges and partnerships between twinned towns. AFCCRE has also signed an agreement with the French-German Office for Young People (OFAJ), enabling it to manage grant applications for Franco-German encounters for young people organised by its members. “In particular, it is the responsibility of local and regional politicians involved in European exchanges and partnerships to recall the positive aspects of European construction and the full benefit of EU policies in the daily lives of Europeans.”

Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, President of AFCCRE


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