Cités Unies France

Cités Unies France in brief ….

(French united local government) is a federation of French local and regional governments involved in international relations. Created in 1975, the association has been led successively by Bernard Stasi, Charles Josselin, Michel Delebarre and, today, Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg.Under a regularly renewed agreement with the French foreign affairs ministry, one of the missions entrusted to the association is leading and coordinating all the French local authorities involved in international cooperation, i.e. more than 4800 authorities and 12000 decentralised cooperation projects with local authorities in 139 countries. The primary activity of Cités Unies France is to coordinate the “country groups”.Numbering 31, they bring together French authorities working with the same country and make it possible to share and capitalise on experience and drive concerted actions. Beyond this geographical approach, Cités Unies France also favours interdisciplinary approaches to themes corresponding to evolution in decentralised cooperation. This thinking gives rise to symposiums (days of decentralised cooperation, forum for international action by local authorities etc.) and intense editorial activity. Cités Unies France works closely with French local government associations (AMF, ADF, ARF, AMGVF etc.) and their international counterparts. All members of Cités Unies France are automatically members of the global organisation for local authorities, United Cities and Local Governments), the “United Nations of local government”. Cités Unies France has been involved in every combat and every advance in terms of decentralised cooperation for over 35 years. It has instilled change in its practices and inspired its legislative framework. More than ever, it is open to evolution in decentralised cooperation.

The country-groups

  • Africa

Bénin, Burkina Faso, Comores, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal, Togo

  • Americas

Amérique centrale et Cuba, Argentine, Brésil, Chili, Haïti, Mexique, Etats-Unis

  • Asia

Chine, Inde, Japon, Vietnam

  • Europe

Arménie, Croatie, Serbie, Russie

  • Mediterranean

Algérie, Israël, Liban, Maroc, Palestine (RCDP), Tunisie, Turquie

Thematic groups

  • Climate and environment,
  • Youth,
  • Global civic education,
  • Sustainable tourism,
  • Crises and rehabilitation,
  • Water and sanitation,
  • Social policy.


Cités Unies France
9, rue Christiani
75018 Paris