Cobaty International

The international association for construction, urban planning and the environment, uniting professionals involved with “the act of building”, Cobaty International groups together occupations such as architects, lawyers, financiers, engineers, contractors, materials manufacturers, surveyors and representatives of the public sector and the mixed economy. Cobaty International is proud of its independence and stresses its apolitical, non-corporate and secular nature, all its activities being guided by the principle of defending the common good. We are convinced that sustainable development approaches are doomed to failure without effective citizen participation. We assert that “construction actors”, Cobaty’s members, must take priority in serving as a link between citizens and local, national and European decision-makers due to the diversity of their occupations and their complementary ways of approaching and resolving problems. The complementary, interdisciplinary nature of the urban professions represented within Cobaty International, combined with the capacity of experienced professionals to reflect both individual and collective needs, enables us as Cobaty members to seek out constant themes and to engage with the dynamic of creating an educational approach to “sustainable cities”, now the focal point of so much expectation. In an urban world, where trends are still pointing to further urbanisation, experienced professionals, with their position between politicians and citizens, have the ability to create a neutral space that can favour dialogue and understanding between these two major urban stakeholders. Their belonging to civil society and their specific expertise in fields essential to developing the ability to live together – the expression of the social bonds everyone wants to see – must be accompanied by ethics able to give confidence to everyone they are in contact with and secure their acceptance. Together we lay claim to the specific characteristic that enables Cobaty members to contribute their unique viewpoint, born from the meeting between their ideas and those of others through mutual, friendly, calm exchanges, to today’s topical debates, which relate to themes involving their sphere of activity. Through this approach specific to Cobaty members, combining skills, voluntary commitment, inter-professional engagement leading to multidisciplinarity, and honest expression, we try to contribute suggestions for solutions acceptable by and for as wide a public as possible. The Cobaty approach gives content and meaning to the expression “expert, responsible civil society”, which we claim to represent. By asserting its values and setting an example, Cobaty International hopes to develop its presence within the European Union and the Mediterranean basin. Cobaty International is:

  • Listed with the transparency register shared by the European Commission and the European Parliament.
  • An affiliate of the European Commission’s Enterprise Europe Network in its Sustainable Construction sectoral group.
  • An associate member of the Groupe Interacadémique pour le Développement (GID), an international association founded by academic institutions.
  • A member of the Conférence des OING/OSC (conference of non-governmental and civil society organisations) accredited by the International Organisation of La Francophonie (Past President of the Commission).
  • A partner of ASPESI Italia.
  • A partner of the European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP-CEU).



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