Cobaty International

International Organization for Construction, Town Planning and the Environment which brings together professionals in the “act of building”, COBATY International brings together within it professions as diverse as those of architects, lawyers, financiers, engineers, entrepreneurs, materials manufacturers, surveyors… but also representatives of the public sector or the mixed economy. COBATY International, claims its independence and asserts itself as an apolitical, non-corporatist and non-confessional association, registering all of its actions in a concern of defending the general interest. We are indeed convinced that without the effective participation of the citizen, it is absolutely illusory to engage in a process of “sustainable development”. We affirm that the “actors of the construction”, the women and men members of COBATY, by the diversity of their professions and therefore by their complementary ways of approaching and solving problems, are those who, as a priority, can and must serve as a link between the citizen and the decision-maker, whether the latter is at local, national or European level . The complementarity and transversality of trades linked to the city, which COBATY International brings together, combined with the ability of “Men of art” to translate both individual and collective expectations, allows us as cobatysts to seek out the constants and to be part of this dynamic aiming to create an educational approach to the “sustainable city” which today focuses all expectations. In an urban world, the tendencies of which are still oriented towards more urbanization, “the Man of the Art” has the power to create, by his positioning between the elected representative and the citizen, a space of neutrality likely to favor dialogue and understanding between these two major players in the city. Its membership in civil society, its particular expertise in areas essential to the development of “living together” – an expression of the social bond desired by all – must be accompanied by an “ethics”, capable of bringing confidence to the community. ‘all interlocutors and win their support. We all claim together this specificity which means that the cobatyst brings to the debates of the moment, relating to themes concerning his sphere of activities, the singularity of his gaze born from the confrontation of his ideas with those of others in the context of exchanges. crossed, friendly and peaceful. It is through this approach specific to cobatysts, combining skills, voluntary commitment, inter-professionalism leading to multidisciplinarity, honesty of the words, that we try to help propose solutions acceptable to and for the greatest number. It is this approach specific to cobatysts that gives content and meaning to this expression “expert and responsible civil society” of which we claim to be a representative actor. COBATY International wishes, through the affirmation of its values ​​and the exemplary nature of its actions, to develop its presence, in particular within the European Union and the Mediterranean basin. COBATY International is:

  • Registered in the Common Transparency Register of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.
  • Affiliate member of the “ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK” network of the European Commission – “Sustainable construction” sectorial group
  • Associate member of the “Interacademic Development Group” (G.I.D.) network of Academies of Sciences.
  • Member of the Conference of INGOs / CSOs accredited to the International Organization of La Francophonie (Past-President of the Commission).
  • Member of FIABCI – International Real Estate
  • Partner of the Cité de l’Architecture – Ecole de Chaillot
  • Partner of the European Council of Town Planners (ECTP-CEU).



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Phone: +32 (0) 2.447.91.31/41