Energy Cities

Energy Cities is the European Association of local authorities in energy transition. For nearly 30 years – and now representing over 1,000 cities and member networks in 30 countries – the network has defended a democratic, decentralised energy transition conducted by the local and regional level of government.

The network’s main objectives:

  • To promote experiments deserving attention conducted by cities: publications, best online practice etc.
  • To facilitate and support exchanges between players committed to a low-carbon future: debates, study tours, webinars etc.
  • To create and participate in alliances to represent the interests of local government and influence the policies and proposals of European Union institutions in the areas of energy and climate: Coalition for Energy Savings etc.
  • To inform the political debate in Europe for energy produced and consumed in a decentralised way: publishing political opinions, meeting decision-makers in European institutions, media presence etc.

These are all mechanisms used by Energy Cities to ensure that the energy transition is accompanied by social, environmental and economic benefits for all. Energy Cities is also heavily involved in the Covenant of Mayors, and has been a co-leader since the initiative was launched in 2009.

Proposals for the energy transition in local areas

Energy Cities has developed a series of proposals to accelerate the energy transition in European cities. These proposals are based on innovative approaches and new, practical, on-the-ground ideas that change things completely. They offer concrete responses and link action today with a long-term vision of low-energy cities with high quality of life for all.  Find out more

A sharper 3D vision of our energy future

Energy Cities’ 3D political vision offers a wide-angle, high-precision view of our energy future. Three components will enable this change:

  • Divestment,
  • Decentralisation,
  • Democratisation.


Energy Cities is currently presided by the German city of Heidelberg and the Board of Directors consists of eleven European cities in eleven countries.

Twitter et Facebook : @energycities

Contact Bruxelles : + 33 (0)2 400 1000