International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF)

Founded in 1979, the AIMF, chaired by the Mayor of Paris, is the worldwide network of French-speaking local elected officials and their associations, united by the values they share. Its executive office represents the diversity of its members. They are bound by very strong individual links, which favour the continuity of exchanges and the circulation of ideas at the highest level. From these discussions, reflections and an approach that gives rise to new forms of civic participation, there emerges the figure of the local politician from the major Francophone cities: mediator, rallying point, visionary, innovator, conductor of the dynamics that animate the region that elected them. AIMF aims to be a laboratory for this new leadership. It is also an expression of the very concrete solidarity that unites its members to build the cities of tomorrow. Reflection and actions on the ground are the pillars of AIMF. The association’s development focuses on a four-year strategic and operational programme, which is part of the strategic framework of La Francophonie. The current programme (2014-2018) was adopted in November 2013 by the General Assembly, meeting in Paris. It focuses on four areas:

  • Support for decentralisation
  • Essential services for populations
  • Preventing conflict and consolidating peace
  • Regional development and promotion

In this context, the deployment of AIMF’s activities mobilises about a hundred local experts every year, generally from the network’s member cities. This priority on local expertise reinforces the links between cities, but also publicises the existence of real local Francophone expertise. AIMF is recognised for this on-the-ground approach and is increasingly called on by international, national and local institutions: the International Organisation of La Francophonie, the European Union, specialist United Nations agencies, the World Bank, water agencies, local authorities… With operating costs below 15%, the AIMF budget is mostly dedicated to concrete investment in its member cities. In this context, to respond to the Millennium Development Goals and the mayors’ will to locate their policies within a global sustainable development approach that is environmentally friendly and socially harmonious, AIMF also finances local public facilities that contribute to people’s access to basic services (access to water and sanitation, waste treatment, commercial facilities, education, information and communication technologies).


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