MedCities: Mediterranean Cities Network

MedCities is a network of 44 cities around the Mediterranean basin.

Who can join the network ?

Local authorities in countries located around the Mediterranean coast, or in Portugal or Jordan, the carry out or promote activities aligned with the network’s objectives.

The network’s objectives

  • To reinforce the role, competences and resources (institutional, financial and technical) of Mediterranean local administrations in the adoption and implementation of sustainable local development policies.
  • To launch and develop policies for direct cooperation and partnership between members and with other cities and organisations.
  • To develop an awareness of interdependence and common responsibility with regard to policies of sustainable development, environmental conservation and social cohesion in Mediterranean cities.
  • To develop citizens’ awareness and involvement in the sustainable development of their towns and cities.

The network’s activities

  • Promoting the preparation of “Urban Development Strategies”.
  • Technical support for the implementation of projects and strategies.
  • Training and skills development for elected representatives and municipal staff.
  • Exploring funding possibilities for members.
  • Promoting bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects.
  • Promoting knowledge transfer between cities.
  • Arguing for the role of local authorities in the Mediterranean region.
  • Representing the interests of Mediterranean local authorities in international discussions.
  • Contributing to the definition of EU programmes and policies with regard to Mediterranean cities.

Network decentralisation

General Secretariat – Barcelona
The Barcelona metropolitan area houses the network’s General Secretariat.
Contact :

CTC – Al Fayhaa
The Middle East office is based in the Al Fayhaa urban community.
Contact :

CTC – Sfax
The North Africa office is based in Sfax.
Contact :

CTC – Malaga
The urban methodological innovation and project possibilities office is based at the CIEDES Foundation.
Contact :


General Secretariat of MedCities
Metropolitan Area deBarcelonac/62, num 16-1808040 Barcelona