Office International de l’Eau

The Office International de l’Eau (International Water Office, OIEau) is a recognised public-utility association under French law whose mission is to develop the skills for better water management in France, Europe and worldwide.

Through bilateral or multilateral projects to support governments, local water agencies, local authorities and public- or private-sector companies, OIEau provides institutional and technical support for administrative reforms in the field of waster, focusing particularly on:

  • integrated water resource management, the introduction of watershed-based management and the application of European directives,
  • the management of water data, with support for the implementation of water information systems at all levels, from local to international,
  • the improvement of public service performance and strengthening of skills.

In the Mediterranean, in the field of drinking water, sanitation, rainwater and waste management, which are increasingly the responsibility of local authorities, OIEau intervenes:

  • to support the organisation and performance improvement of services, acting equally on the aspects of technical management, finance, sales and human resources management,
  • in the development of staff skills at all levels (elected representatives, directors, engineers, administrative staff, field staff etc.) through operationally-focused training that can be provided at our Sophia Antipolis site in the Alpes Maritimes department, at our professional training centre in Limousin ( or directly in the countries requesting it,
  • in the development of cooperation between local authorities around the Mediterranean, by identifying or initiating projects responding to funding bodies’ various programmes.


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