Plan Bleu

Plan Bleu is one of six regional activity centres* of the 6Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) within the United Nations Environment Programme. Its role is to help raise awareness among stakeholders and Mediterranean decision-makers of the problems associated with the environment and sustainable development in the region by providing scenarios for the future in order to inform their decision-making. In this context, adaptation to climate change has become a key analysis priority for Plan Bleu. Under its dual role as an environmental and sustainable development observatory and a systemic analysis and forecasting centre, Plan Bleu’s mission is to provide the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention (the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the Coastal Region of the Mediterranean) with assessments, studies, data, statistics and indicators relating to the environment and sustainable development in the Mediterranean, supporting their actions and decision-making processes. For example, Plan Bleu will coordinate the preparation of the next report on the state of the Mediterranean environment on behalf of the MAP (2019) and work actively to implement the new Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development. Finally, its activities also include developing and coordinating networks of experts in Mediterranean countries and supporting capacity building, particularly by organising workshops and seminars. * The other centres are CAR-PAP in Croatia, CAR-ASP in Tunisia, REMPEC in Malta, SCP-RAC in Spain and INFO-RAC in Italy.


Plan Bleu (head office)
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Plan Bleu (établissement de Marseille)
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